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  • Ron Vaughan

    Ron Vaughan

  • Maninder Rao

    Maninder Rao

  • Rob Finneran

    Rob Finneran

  • Jim Barlow

    Jim Barlow

    I think, build, learn, write and advise with and about data. beepbeep.technology

  • Bishwanath Dey Nayan

    Bishwanath Dey Nayan

    Programmer by heart writing about his daily software adventures, wherever they may lead. C# | .NET Core | React | Angular.

  • Ashok Sivanand

    Ashok Sivanand

    Ashok Sivanand is the CEO of Integral, a Detroit-based software consulting firm that focuses on building great teams that build great products.

  • Erin Clepper

    Erin Clepper

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